Monday, September 23, 2013


I listen to the lies.
I believe them and take them to heart.
They resound in my ears moment by moment.
Crowding out truth and taking my sight.

I stop and think this shouldn't be.
This is not fair. 
I hate my life.  I hate my life.
Lies breed lies.

The lies are stuck in my head.
Clogging up my brain.
Zombie like thoughts resound hour by hour.
Eat or be eaten.

The darkness does not return light.
It sucks out my soul.
Darker and darker it grows.
If there is light left I can't see it.  I can't see it. I can't see it!

Fear fills my heart.
It grows and grows.
I act out in ways I never would.
If only I had answered the lies with TRUTH.

A storm brews, I take others with me.
Friendships are lost at sea
Most never to be seen again.
Some to be changed forever.

One friendship returns,
In fact it never left.
One that whispers love, forgiveness and hope.
One that YELLS love, forgiveness and hope.
One that wipes my slate clean and helps me to start over.
One that covers my darkness with light. 
One that covers my darkness with LIGHT.
One that answers the lies with TRUTH.


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