Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today I'm...

Missing the Beach!!


Although I miss it, I also feel Christmas in the air! It's not yet Halloween and I can feel Christmas. I yearn for cold days and colder nights, hot chocolate in my cup and candy canes on the brightly lit Christmas tree, for the smell of pine in the air and white cold stuff on the ground (although we don't get much of that around here). I want to see people in coats and toboggans, I want to go ice skating downtown (and I probably will go this year!!), I want to take LOTS and LOTS of winter pictures!!! :0) I CANNOT wait! :0)

I want to watch plays that remember baby Jesus being born in a stable knowing what He would do for us on the Cross. I want to share in this with my family, friends and especially Emma.

This year Emma is speaking like she's been doing it for years! She has feelings and knows how to vocalize them (which is not always altogether pleasant). She is going to really enjoy this Christmas season, I'm going to show her what Christmas is really about and make is so special for her, I CAN'T wait! :0)

Thanks guys!


  1. That first shot is absolutely spectacular!

  2. The beach lanscape is a postcard! We are all super excited for the holidays too! It's the best when you can have actual little conversations w/ your favorite little people!!

  3. The holidays are always so special with young children around to enjoy them with. :)

  4. Is that Emma with the shovel? She's gorgeous, and it's such a wonderful shot, one you can always treasure. Not sure I'm ready for Christmas yet, but I'm always grateful for the Gift it celebrates, the birth of Jesus.


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